Author: Reza Aghaei

I’ve been a .NET developer since 2004. During these years, as a developer, technical lead and architect, I’ve helped organizations and development teams in design and development of different kind of applications including LOB applications, Web and Windows application frameworks and RAD tools. As a teacher and mentor, I’ve trained tens of developers in C#, ASP.NET MVC and Windows Forms. As an interviewer I’ve helped organizations to assess and hire tens of qualified developers. I really enjoy learning new things, problem solving, knowledge sharing and helping other developers. I'm usually active in .NET related tags in stackoverflow to answer community questions. I also share technical blog posts in my blog as well as sharing sample codes in GitHub.

How to determine if a parameter is passed to a Powershell Cmdlet

Sometimes in a PowerShell function you need to know which parameters are passed to the method. For example you may have an optional parameter and you want to know if the optional parameter is passed to method or…

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Find Process Id of an IIS Site by Site Name

To find process Id of the worker process which is serving an IIS application, you can simply use Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager console. To do so, first make sure the worker process of the application is running…

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Prevent raising of Validating event of focused control when Closing the form

When you have an event handler for Validating event of a control, if the value of AutoValidate property of the form is set to anything different from Disabled, then Validating event will fire when you try to close…

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Make a Property Read-Only in PropertyGrid

Sometimes you want to make a property read-only in PropertyGrid based on some criteria at run-time. For example, let’s suppose you have a SampleClass containing two properties, Editable and StringProperty and you want to make StringProperty read-only if…

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